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Electric Energy. What is it? Well electricity is all  around us. It occurs naturally as lighting and static electricity. Its just producing it can be tricky. It is currently a secondary source. This means that another fuel is consumed to produce it. With the exception of hydro electric which is 90% efficient,  most ways to generate it are at best 40% efficient.  If we generated it with magnets, We would be generating electricity directly as a primary source. We are using magnetism to pull electricity right out of thin air and can achieve efficiencies greater than 100%. With many types being over 500 to 1000 % efficient.

Currently  most of our electrical generation is done thru heat engines. These are engines that burn something to produce heat. This heat boils water to produce steam, and then this steam flows thru a turbine to spin a generator that produces electricity. Its too bad we don't use magnets.

We could make energy greater than 100% efficiency with no pollution.


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